A woman on TikTok went viral for declaring that she married her stepdad. Not long after, however, she retracted her claim, which it appears wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

In February, the woman shared a clip on TikTok of her embracing and kissing her husband.

"Marrying my stepdad was the best decision I've ever made," confusing text over the video read.

In the caption, she included the hashtags #vegas, #marryyourmomsex, #agegap and #itsworthit. The clip has been viewed over 24 million times as of publishing.

Users were blown away by the video, with many questioning the couple's relationship in the comments section.

"There’s 7 billion people in the world, why?" one person asked.

"Please tell me I’m not the only one who had to read this two times because I thought I read it wrong the first time," another commented.

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After going viral, the woman shared a follow-up TikTok video to "clear some things up."

In a series of in-video text captions, she clarified that she was not groomed, not raised by her "stepdad," wasn't a minor when they met and still has a relationship with her mom.

In yet another follow-up video, the woman clarified her true relationship with her husband.

"How our real story went," she wrote, revealing she actually married her late brother's best friend.

The woman explained that her brother died in a motorcycle accident and, afterward, she became close with his best friend.

The two eventually began dating and had children. "Got married in Vegas so we could have a wedding later down the road," she wrote.

"Not as interesting as the other story but now y'all can leave my kids and brother alone," she captioned the clip.

In the comment section, the woman added that she "didn't expect the video to blow up as much as it did."

In another TikTok video, she recapped some of the media coverage her initial claim received.

"HE'S NOT MY STEPDAD," she confirmed once and for all in the caption.

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