Former Tiger great Jack Morris said he's sorry he offended anyone with his one-off attempt at a Japanese accent fell flat.

Jack is a Hall of Famer for his baseball skills, but his attempts at humor while working as a baseball analyst won't be winning him any awards anytime soon.

During Tuesday night's broadcast of the Detroit Tigers game with the Los Angeles Angels at Comerica Park, Morris was asked by play-by-play man Matt Shepherd what do you do to pitch to Angels star outfielder Shohei Ohtani, who is Japanese.

Morris responded “be vewwy, vewwy caleful” in a lame mock Japanese, which brought the wrath of Twitter down upon him.

Some Twitterati came to Morris defense, saying he was praising the player, but to no avail, the damage had been done.

When Ohtani returned to the plate in the ninth inning, Morris issued this apology, and hopefully the matter is done.

The Tigers went on to lose the game 8-2 to the Angels, and more importantly, Miguel Cabrera failed to get milestone home run number 500, which is why most people were watching the game, which may have led to more folks railing against the comment.

Neither organization has commented on Morris' comments, but it appears the matter won't be just swept under the rug.

Deadspin refused to accept Morris' apology and went on to say it's mostly because he just flat out stinks as a baseball commentator.

Deadline Detroit's Joe Lapointe weighed in by saying Morris should be penalized for his off color take, but not fired.

I'm pretty sure Morris won't be in the booth tonight for game tow of the three game set, mainly because he swaps out at home games with Kirk Gibson, but don't surprised if he sits out a few games as punishment.

Bally Sports Network, who employs the announcers as also yet to comment on the incident.

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