With the 2015 Free Beer and Hot Wings Live Show coming up in only a couple weeks, I thought it would be fun to flashback to last year's live show, and all the fun we had! Free Beer, Hot Wings, and Producer Joe were live from Rightway Auto on 28th, while Zane was away at Masturbation Camp.

The guys started off the show with Zane's letter from camp, so everyone would know he was finally getting the help he...still needs more of, actually.

There was a ton of food for everyone, lots of alcohol was consumed, and lots of people got to go on with the guys and play some games. Some were more successful than others, but everyone had a great time. And the guys signed everything for people at the end, and took photos with everyone who wanted it!

This year's show is November 25th, the day before Thanksgiving, so make sure to take the day off and make it a five-day party weekend! The guys will do their show live from the Stache at the Intersection, we'll have breakfast ready for you, and you can even get started early on your holiday drinking!

Get your tickets now, and make sure to join us! You might get to go on with the guys and make a fool of yourself, which is the fun part, right?

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