Okay, stop what you are doing because this kid needs your full attention! He may or may not be a young Free Beer who somehow figured out time travel but either way, a young cowboy legend.

This ten-year-old boy, Mason Ramsey, decided he needed his beautiful singing - well, yodeling - to be heard so what better place than Walmart!?

In front of a small crowd, young Ramsey straight-up killed his rendition of "Lovesick Blues" by Hank Williams and thanks to someone who shared a video of it on Twitter, his voice has now gone viral!

At first it's just kind of something you chuckle at and think "of course this would happen in a Walmart" but the more you listen and pay attention, damn is he good!

Between his boot-tapping, his obvious experience with yodeling, and his ability to carry high notes like "daAaAaAady."

Of course there are people on the internet who are taking away from the wholesomeness while others decided to make an EDM remix! 

We can take a break from other stupid challenges and shoot this young cowboy into stardom! 

Source: Mashable