Okay, stop what you are doing because this kid needs your full attention! He may or may not be a young Free Beer who somehow figured out time travel but either way, a young cowboy legend.

This ten-year-old boy, Mason Ramsey, decided he needed his beautiful singing - well, yodeling - to be heard so what better place than Walmart!?

In front of a small crowd, young Ramsey straight-up killed his rendition of "Lovesick Blues" by Hank Williams and thanks to someone who shared a video of it on Twitter, his voice has now gone viral!

At first it's just kind of something you chuckle at and think "of course this would happen in a Walmart" but the more you listen and pay attention, damn is he good!

Between his boot-tapping, his obvious experience with yodeling, and his ability to carry high notes like "daAaAaAady."

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