We all know that lady who is in love with an amusement park ridenow meet Amanda Liberty who is actually engaged to a chandelier she's named Lumiere!

Liberty has over two-dozen chandeliers in her home due to her fascination with them. Lumiere, named after the candelabra from Beauty and the Beast, is the one that was love at first light though!

She says she has an "open relationship" with Lumiere though and will sleep curled up next to a different chandelier of hers each night. Sounds a little dangerous if we're all being realistic here, but to each their own!

Chandeliers are pretty cool and there's no denying there are some really amazing ones, but we can't say we've ever been sexually attracted to one! As weird as being turned on by a light fixture may be, Liberty says she's proud of her story.

It's something we don't think we will every truly understand, but we guess we'll just leave it at "you go, girl." Right?

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