Yes, there's actually a real Squid Game this weekend and you can play it right here in West Michigan, luckily wanton murder is not part of THIS game.

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A local YouTube creator is putting together the weekend event as a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The YouTube creator, known online as CDusk, tells Fox 17 that one of the reasons he's holding the games here is to show content creators that they don't need to live in a big city to make an impact:

Every YouTuber you think of, at least big used to be that everyone was in California; everyone's doing it down there...Then you have people... that they don't need to be out there to do that sort of stuff; they can be at home like me. I'm just in my bedroom, just recording videos.

The event is set for Saturday at 3pm at Kenyon Park in Plainwell. The entry fee is $30 and includes a T-Shirt & Drawstring Backpack. First place will be awarded $500 with a second-place prize of a 'surprise gift basket'.

You can register for the event HERE.

The games will follow those on the hit Netflix show that's been seen by more than 132 million viewers in just over three weeks on the streaming service:

  • Ddakji — Player must flip one folded-up paper over by slamming it with another (similar to Pogs in the mid-'90s).
  • Red Light, Green Light — Everyone lines up and runs toward a goal line when a designated person announces "green light." Anyone moving when they announce "red light" is eliminated.
  • Ppopgi/Honeycomb Cookie — Player must cut stamped shapes out of a fragile honeycomb cookie. Break the cookie and you are eliminated.
  • Tug of War — Ten players on each side compete for dominance of a rope.
  • Marbles — Teams of two players are each given a set of 10 marbles and must obtain all of their opponents' marbles through play.
  • Squid Game — A version of the popular playground game "tag," as played in South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s.

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