This is a trifecta weekend if you like free and being outdoors.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has announced a 3 Free weekend. June 8-9 is free fishing, free entry to the state park of your choice and if you like riding your ORV its free too.

As we all know, Michigan offers so much when it comes to the outdoors, especially in West Michigan. DNR Director Dan Elchinger said, "Whether you're already an avid outdoors person or someone just beginning to explore the outdoors, our "Three Free" weekend makes it easy to explore a new hobby, visit a new park or introduce friends to an outdoor experience you love."

Here is a rundown of this Saturday and Sunday have for you:

  • Free Fishing - There are two times a year that offer a free fishing weekend and the first one is this weekend. So you don't need a pesky fishing license to get out and wet a line. Just remember, you still have to follow the fishing rules so click here if you need to freshen up on the rules.
  • Free State Park Entry - If you would like to wet that line in a state park, well guess what...park entry is also free this weekend. Michigan has a whopping 103 state parks you can check out. If you do some hiking, make sure and keep an eye out for some morels, this has been and excellent year for finding those tasty morsels.
  • Riding ORV Trails For Free - There are also two Free ORV Weekends each year and of course this weekend is the first but if you are already booked, well you can hold out for August 17-18 for another chance to tear up the trails. Michigan residents and nonresidents can use designated trails without having to get an ORV license or trail permit. Make sure and wear your helmet!

Michigan has such much to offer, so take so time and get out this weekend and what the this great state has to offer.