What can you get for one dollar? A bag of Ruffles Cheese and Sour Cream potato chips from the vending machine, maybe? Sorry, that's $1.25. And a pop will cost you $1.35. In fact, most items at the dollar store aren't a dollar anymore, but often 'a multiple' of one dollar.

But there's a house in Novi, Michigan that could be yours for the low, low price of just one dollar. But there is a catch.

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The house can't stay in its current location.

That's right, you can have the house for one dollar, but you have to agree to move it.

Just to be clear, the home is significantly less luxurious than this Michigan home which has 15 - yes 15 bathrooms.

It's also a bit smaller than this one which features an indoor lagoon in the basement.

The house is currently located at 43707 Grand River Rd. in Novi, but you'll need to change the house numbers to something else if you sign on the dotted line.

Did we mention it's a fixer-upper?

The house, which is currently owned by the city of Novi, has been deemed uninhabitable, so it will definitely require a bit of work. There's no warranty being offered and a hazardous materials evaluation has not been done.

Take another look at this house on Fox 2 Detroit's website.

If you're interested, contact Victor Cardenas at 248-347-0450 or vcardenas@cityofnovi.org for more information. The buyer will be responsible for all moving costs, the cost of unhooking the utilities and pulling the necessary permits.


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