Anything shaped like Michigan, I'm already listening. But this sweet chair that is also a cooler? Yes, please. 

Dubbed "The Michigan Beer Chair", this masterpiece was created by Thompson Woodworks.

According to their Facebook page, Thompson Woodworks specializes in "Making stuff in Garden City, MI".

Their website and Etsy shop feature more Michigan products, including wind chimes and wine and beer caddies.

According to MLive, woodworker Matt Thompson got the idea when thinking about including the U.P. in his designs. He'd made other Michigan chairs before with the U.P. as a side table, but Thompson wanted to figure out a way to get the U.P. in its proper place... and thus the Michigan Beer Chair was born.

The chair is made of cedar and can hold a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans in its chamber.

Since its posting at the end of August, the video of the chair on Facebook has been been viewed over 9 million times.

So far Thompson doesn't have plans to mass produce the chair, but told MLive,

"I'm holding out hope that a Michigan brewer might get ahold of me."

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