There is something you have relied on Walmart having for you for 37 years and it may disappear from Michigan locations.

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One Invention Made Shopping Seem Faster

It was the Kroger grocery store chain that was the first to install self-checkout machines in a store located in Georgia.

Soon, almost all grocery stores and big box store chains followed suit. Why not? Companies would save big bucks by not having to pay workers or their health benefits. This should get people in and out of the store faster. Shoppers with fewer items won't have to wait in lines behind shoppers with full carts of groceries or goods. Now, 37 years later, something has changed.

More Problems With Self-Checkout Machines

What once seemed like a great idea for store owners and consumers has been becoming a disaster. Many shoppers complain that the self-checkouts can be unreliable. The wrong types of vegetables get rang up, you have to wait for an assistant to verify an alcohol purchase.

Major stores have discovered there are higher merchandise losses from customer errors. Lots of shoppers have been using the self-checkout to shoplift with some using counterfeit barcodes. Many would just scan everything and then walk out without paying.

Are Self-Checkouts Coming to an End at Michigan Walmart Locations?

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to CNN, Walmart has already removed self-checkout machines in New Mexico and plans to continue removing them in other states which include Michigan. In some cases, the retail giant will have fewer machines and more tellers but in others where theft and consumer error are high, self-checkout may go away altogether. Don't be surprised if you start seeing more cashiers and fewer self-checkout lanes as we get into 2024.

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