Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and the verdict is in for the most popular toy in Michigan. gathered data from Google Trends about the most searched toy in each state and their results showed that every state's most popular toy falls into one of 4 categories: Figurines, Toy Weapons, Electronics, and Novelty.

Firstly, the most popular toy in the nation this Christmas are Nerf guns.  11 states searched for Nerf guns more than any other toy and that made it the most popular toy in the nation.  However, toy weapons were not the most popular type of toy in the nation, that honor went to figurines.

The second most popular toy in the nation is the Nintendo Switch with 4 states and the District of Columbia searching for it more than anything else.

And what is the 3rd most popular toy this Christmas?  It's a tie between American Girl Dolls and Play-Doh with 4 states searching for each of those more than any other toy.

So, where does that leave Michigan?  Well, Michigan is kicking it old school with the Barbie Playset being the most searched toy this holiday season.

And speaking of Barbie Playsets, look what is popular on Grand Rapids' Reddit.

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