I will admit to being happy that Denver won Super Bowl 50. I've been a huge Manning fan for a lot of years now, and it's always been fun to watch him play. Even though he didn't have a huge game, I was rooting for the Broncos to win over Carolina. After seeing Newton's childish tantrums over the loss, I'm glad they did!

Today though, we get to see someone who threw as big a tantrum as Cam, detroying his son's nice TV in the process.

This is a level of fandom I just can't understand or get behind. It's not like the guy even plays for the team, or has money invested in them. Okay, maybe he had a large bet on the outcome and would lose his house or something...that would justify his reaction.

I love it when he smashes the TV and then goes to get a baseball bat to beat the s*** out of it. Watch and enjoy!