Someone please get this man a Xanax and remind him that baseball season has only just begun! 

This Mets fan is already way too stressed out, despite his team winning their game against the Braves 6-0.  Technically, the game itself isn't even the reason he is so mad.  It’s actually his transportation to the game.

Frank Fleming was trying to take a train to Flushing to catch the Opening Day game when a rush-hour derailment at Penn Station caused multiple delays. This caused Fleming to be late to the game, and let's just say he is not happy. "NEW JERSEY TRANSIT IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST," he shouted during the interview.  "I'M NOT GONNA GET TO MY GAME NOW BECAUSE THEY ARE INCOMPETENT!”  Despite the "incompetence" of the NJ Transit system, Fleming was still able to make it to his game, only missing the first pitch.

Let’s all thank the baseball Gods, because we don't want to see what Fleming would have done if the Mets would have lost.  The news also does not fail to point out that while Fleming was freaking out about his game, others were trying to get to work.

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