As more and more businesses are going green, there are some chickens in West Michigan that are going green also.

More and more companies are finding ways to move away from fossil fuels for energy and are turning to wind and solar power for an energy source.

According to FOX 17, Herbruck's Poultry Ranch in Saranac are installing solar panels at their Green Meadow Organics facility. This panels will help produce a big chunk of electricity to help run the plant.

What the company has done is use some of the acreage of the property to basically farm its own energy. The company is using a little more than 8 acres of land that will generate about one quarter of the energy that is need to run the facility. This will help create organic cage free eggs and all natural fertilizers.

I wouldn't be surprised to see more and more farmers utilizing some of their acreage to generate power for some of the smaller communities. Yes there is the cost to getting these solar fields started, but once their in place the investment will pay for itself in not having to use fossil fuels and pay other companies for energy needs.

Plus going solar or using wind power, means using less fuel will have a positive effect on our local environment. This type of green energy starts with one business and then over time spreads into other industries and it is all the for the better of the state of Michigan.

Plus building solar fields and wind fields also creates jobs and opportunities for other businesses to grow and further green energy along which over time will bring down costs to covert over to these new technologies.

Heck look what Herbruck's is doing for ES Services Company which is a subsidiary of CMS Energy, they are putting them to work to save their own company money and over time it is possible for Herbruck's to be totally green which is better for everyone.

Solar energy isn't the only way Herbruck's is evolving to help a Michigan become a greener state. They are using bird waste to make fertilizer, repurposing eggshells into feed as a calcium source.

Green Meadow Organics will fire up the solar power beginning in the fall. Hopefully that is the beginning of more and more businesses to do the same.

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