A while ago some geniuses got together and said let us beat some faces in with good comedy. David Cross and Bob Odenkirk created a show that was pretty much the metal of the comedy world. 'Mr. Show' was born. Featuring names from the comedy universe like Brian Posehn, Jack Black and Tenacious D, Paul F. Thompkins and a myriad of others it also featured some pretty amazing music cameos. Including Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan and his fake band Titannica. The show even featured the first emergence of Maynard's Puscifer.

Maynard laid the vocals down for the original song 'Ass Kickin' Fat Kid' for the 'Mr. Show' movie entitled 'Run Ronnie Run.' The movie is deemed as a failure by Bob and David due to a battle for control over the direction of the film, BUT  the movie has a song with Maynard in it.. so that will always be a win for 'Run Ronnie Run.'