Well all gotta grow up, and can't be a Toys R' Us kid forever (or can we?) We eventually stop actually playing with action figures and end up wanting CD's, Guitars, Movies, etc! Media stuff! Sadly, due to online streaming and such, many record and movie stores have had to close their doors. Gone are the days of sifting through records and CD's for hours searching for something awesome. Media Play, was that type of store.

When I was younger, there were few places that my mother would take me that she would enjoy just as much as I did. Media Play had EVERYTHING! CD's, Movies, Books, Guitars, Collectables, Video Games, Computer Games, T-shirts, you name it, Media Play had it! As I would sift through the thousands of video games, movies, and CD's, my mother would read a book in the book section.

I remember surfing through the T-shirts one day there and seeing a shirt that I said, "Well, that's a crazy shirt!" Little did I know it was a band that quickly became known as Mudvayne.

I remember purchasing F-Zero X, Final Fantasy 9, and even 5 different KISS CD's from Media Play. This was also home of my first guitar I ever owned, and I still have it. I also purchased my first DVD there (at that time, DVD was a new thing).

I think is cost around $29.99!

It was a older movie with no special features with that cardboard cover. Yes, DVD's at one time were expensive like VHS was when it first came out.

Sadly, many of these type of stores don't really exist. Even if you go into Meijer, there used to be a huge aisle full of CD's (with those crazy security plastic things one them), but due to the digital world taking over like Amazon, many of these stores and sections can no longer be found in.

Media Play was located on Alpine Ave in the Greenridge Square Area. It is now a Bed Bath & Beyond located ironically next to a Best Buy. If I am correct, the store closed around the late 90's.

RIP Media Play