One of the biggest PC games of all time is 'The Sims.' A game where you take control of little people, build a house, get a job, have a kid, etc.

A life simulator essentially.

When this game came out, it blew a lot of peoples minds. We were no longer building cities, ant colonies, or towers. We were building homes, placing appliances, and then living a simulated life.

The Sims on PC was just a fun game, it just was.

You created your Sim (a person), picked their personality traits, chose how they looked, and then inserted them into a neighborhood. You could either chose to build a home from scratch, or purchase a pre-built home.

If you purchased a pre-built home right off the bat, you basically ruined a portion of the game! Half of the fun was building your own home and designing it the way your wanted. To give the game a little more challenge, always buy the cheap stuff and then upgrade down the line when you start earning some money with your job.

Oh that's right, this game isn't just about building a home. You have to maintain an everyday life too! Once you had all of your stuff built in the home, you had to socialize, learn skills, get a job, read books, play games, and keep on overall happy person. The happier the person, the easier the game was. You also had to make sure to clean the shower, take out the trash, etc. Can't cook food? Order a pizza! Make sure you install a security system, the moment that you buy something expensive, a burglar will show up and attempt to steal it.

What was the most difficult to maintain? A healthy social life. Most of the time, you got to know the Goth's who lived down the street. Freakin' Bella and Mortimer Goth! They were the first people you met in your neighborhood. The only way to meet new people? Build more homes and add more people to your neighborhood.

This is where you started to create versions of your friends, parents, teachers, and whoever else you could think of.

Lastly, what really rounded the game was the multiple expansions you could get. Like Hot Date, Unleashed, Vacations, etc. With these expansions, you could add a pet, go on a date, build a store, go shopping, go on vacation, and so many other things! My favorite was either Hot Date of Livin' Large.

What made this game so fun though? I think it's because people could live a life that they know they couldn't in the real world. If you've ever read the book 'Ready Player One,' it's kind of like OASIS where you live a life that you want to, but know you can't because real life sucks.

If you wanted a job as a rockstar, you could do it! If you wanted to host tons of parties, you could do that too! It was a very unique experience that still reigns supreme today.

The Sims games are a phenomenon, but I still feel as though the first game was always the best.

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