The Peoples Cider Co. working on a new development that would move them from their current location, expand their business and bring more apartments to Grand Rapids.

It's always exciting to hear about a local business that is growing to the point of having to expand to keep up with demand. What's even more exciting is when a local business can make an expansion that only benefits the business but benefit the community more by its presence. In this case, its more than just their presence but their plan for more housing in Grand Rapids.

According to WOOD, the Grand Rapids Planning commission has approved plans to transform a four property site that is located at Leonard Street and Gezon Avenue NW. This new plan will turn two homes and a gravel lot into a three story building that would contain 20 apartments with The Peoples Cider Co. moving into the ground floor.

For The Peoples Cider Co., this gives them to opportunity consolidate their business that is two different places to be in one place and even allow them to expand their business outside when they create the new outdoor seating.

By taking a piece of property that is not being used properly, and making it so there are more places to live is good for the community. At the same time utilizing a parking lot that is mostly bare all year long and creating an opportunity for owners of food trucks to be able to set up throughout the year is exciting news for those companies as well.

So if you already love The Peoples Cider Co., you are going to love them even more with a bigger tasting room and the new outdoor seating. I love how this company is also making it better by expanding housing and helping food trucks have a place to go a dozen times a year. This will all benefit the people closest to the location so it is a win, win, for all involved.

The developers are not stopping there, they look to add outdoor bike racks, indoor bike storage and there have been conversations with The Rapid about putting up a covered bus stop and add it to the route. Making this location more accessible for all and not just those who live on the block.

An official date and timeline has not been announced but its good to know that revitalization of the community on Leonard Street will soon get even better.

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