Not that this past year hasn't been crazy... but as far as I know, iPhones haven't sprouted legs and tails and started attacking people's faces, right?

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The Offspring have released a wild new music video for their song, "Let the Bad Times Roll". The single is the title track for the bands tenth studio album - their first since 2012's "Days Go By" - and it comes out April 16, 2021.

While I dig the song, honestly the video is a little hard to watch - like it's a little too close home, even though it's exaggerated and silly, with video games coming to life and a cat shooting lasers out of its eyes and all...

BUT it does portray the isolation we've been living in during the pandemic, the boredom, the stress -- and of course, what's at the root of all it: the COVID-19 virus itself, depicted in the video by an evil, grinning, animated, spikey orb.

It kind of reminds me of Soundgarden's video for "Black Hole Sun", which highly creeped me out a kid, but I also couldn't look away.

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