I've been way into stories about Michigan's drinking habits recently, so why stop now?

Up next, we have Michigan's favorite booze according to the BARTENDr app.

Here in the Mitten State, we apparently favor a quick, cheap buzz because our number one liquor, according to BARTENDr is Jim Beam.

There's nothing fancy about Jim Beam bourbon, it's just so, void of any personality. I mean we've all chugged off a bottle of Beam at a party, and sipped a glass after a hard day at work. But Jim Beam is just Jim Beam. Maybe if we put a little Vernor's in there, it would give it some life.

The beauty of it is we were alone in our love of Jim Beam. No other state had that as its number one choice.

Our neighbors to the west also picked an original. It seems in Wisconsin, cheese pairs well with Captain Morgan spiced rum. Ohio picked Fireball, as did 11 other states. No surprise there has nothing about Ohio speaks 'individuality'. Indiana went with Jameson Irish whisky.

You can read about our love of all things Beam, as well as take a peek at the whole list in Wide Open Eats.

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