Every one of our great states in this wonderful country have their own personality. They each contain favorite landmarks, cities, traditions, food and recreation that help mold a states identity. What about phrases or sayings that are unique? Michigan has plenty of those. For example, in other states, no one ever says they are going "up north". 

TikToker, Ryan Redoute thinks he has come up with the most Michigander phrase. Here it is...

Ryan clearly lives in Michigan. Most of his TikTok posts are about the state. He has over 41 thousand followers and this post generated nearly 260 thousand views.

Here are some words to use to create your own "Most Michigander Phrase"...

  • Party Store
  • Yooper
  • The thumb
  • The Soo
  • Fudgie
  • Euchre
  • Michigan Left
  • FIP
  • Buggy
  • Great Lakes
  • unsalted
  • A troll
  • Pop
  • the mitten
  • Ope
  • townies
  • flatlanders
  • melk
  • The Joe
  • Vernors
  • Up North
  • Little brother
  • pasty
  • The UP

When choosing a color to describe Michigan, always use blue. And remember to add an "S" to any store name.

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