Last weekend, many Kent County residents were left confused, and a little scared, after hearing a loud "boom" noise in Grandville. Everyone was talking about it by Monday... but it still remained a mystery as to what it was.

Until now.

After receiving multiple calls, the Kent County Sherrif's Department began investigating and have uncovered where the sound originated from.  FOX 17 reports that the Sheriff's office confirmed the "explosion" came from a high-powered rifle shot the 7100 block of Wilson Avenue SW where the persons responsible had mixed a large amount of Binary X with ammonium nitrate..."

Binary X is an exploding target, and that with the ammonium mixture caused the loud boom sound when it was shot out of the rifle.

WZZM says the people responsible were a group of men at a bachelor party and they will not be facing any charges because they followed the law in accordance when it comes to transferring and detonating explosives. They were also all licensed.

While I'm glad it wasn't anything serious, and no one got hurt, I was hoping for some exciting backstory because 'The Grandville Boom' would've made a cool sci-fi flick or documentary. However, I could see a "bachelor party gone wild" story line fitting with that title...

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