Want to party and enjoy the nightlife without the booze? A local drag performer, Bux Dhyne (they/them), has plans to open Grand Rapids' first LGBTQ dry bar and nightclub.

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Grand Rapids Business Journal reports that the new spot is called Joule’s Molly House and it aims be a "sober space where queer youth, the LGBTQ community and those in recovery can partake in nightlife, dancing, performances, game nights and open mic nights, all sans alcohol."

Bux Dhyne is an artist, performer, and public figure with an MFA in Painting and over 20 years of experience in customer service. They say,

I started this project to provide a space for the LGBTQIA youth to gather and grow, as well as a place for sober individuals to enjoy the nightlife without the pressures of alcohol... We will provide an opportunity for the next generation of queers to meet each other, practice performing, and create healthy habits around social gatherings. A dry venue also means we can be open later, we can support people from many walks of life, and we can flip the script on what a ‘night out’ looks like. As a dry venue, we can also provide a safe space for those community members that are in recovery or struggling with addiction.

Joule's Molly House will serve a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, including espresso, coffee, tea, mocktails, bottled drinks, soda, and some snacks foods.

The new establishment will be themed too. Here's how they describe it,

Joule’s Molly House is a nightclub influenced by Midcentury Science Fiction and 19th-century science and medicine. Think H.G. Wells, think Jekyll & Hyde, think Frankenstein— now throw in a disco ball and you have the unforgettable and electric energy of Joule’s.

The goal is to open in 2022 and operate Tuesday through Sunday 3p.m. to 3a.m.

Joule's will function as a coffee house and an after-school gathering place for teen 16 and up until 9p.m. After 5p.m., Joule will serve as an after-dinner option with entertainment starting 6-7p.m., including karaoke, improv, drag shows, open mic night, and more. Shows during these times will be considered appropriate for the 16 and up crowd. After 9p.m. guests must be over 18. There will be a variety of entertainment, including drag shows and burlesque, and DJ dancing for adults. These shows will be considered rated "R" and may contain adult content.

There's a crowd-funding campaign going to get Joule's off the ground if you want to help out!

They're also hosting events to bring in funds as too. Check them out on the Joule's Molly House Facebook page!

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