I can't believe the news that I got this weekend.

I was sitting at a Halloween party dressed as Alice Cooper just scrolling through my phone when I scrolled past a story that I never wanted to see" Static-X Frontman Wayne Static had passed away.

The air was taken from my lungs and I just kinda froze. I couldn't believe what I was reading after taking it in for a minute. I started to reminisce of past concerts and intro'ing him at Carnival of Chaos.

We'll start with the first time I saw Static-X live, and that was at Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio.

It was my first ever Rock on the Range and I was pretty excited. I knew Static X was going to be on the side stage and we had to see them!

Little did I know; the concert was insanity. My wife was almost trampled, her pants got ripped and it was just a crazy mud pit; but it was awesome.

The second time I saw them was at a show that I still consider a MONSTER lineup of the Pedal to the Medal Tour. Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Static-X and Suicide Silence. DAMN! What a show that was! Dope was supposed to be there, too, but the band couldn't afford the tour.

Finally, the last show I ever saw Static at was this year's Carnival of Chaos Festival in Stanton.

I was given the opportunity to introduce Wayne Static and he jumped on stage and played. If I would have known it was the final time I would be seeing him, I would have made more of an effort to meet him. In the radio business though, I kinda figured we would cross paths again. But I guess that is just not to be.

RIP, Wayne.