IF, I say IF, I ever become wealthy enough to even stay in the same city as a Superbowl I hope there is a room available at the Bud Light Hotel. This year the dudes at Bud Light took over the former Hampton Inn in Downtown Indianapolis and ( like they've done for 3 years now) renamed it "The Bud Light Hotel".

Not only does The Bud Light decor of the hotel already have me reeling but did you know The Bud Light Hotel will be site for Saturday's Playboy Party? Oh! and there is a huge concert going on as well featuring rappers 50 Cent, Lil' Jon and Pitbull as part of Super Bowl 2012 events. See where I'm going here? Who cares about the game man, it's all about the scene baby! It's all about you arm-in-arm with Playboy babes checking out Pitbull. I mean that's how I roll...in my dreams anyway.

Now, if you'll excuse me I gotta hit the Cheap Mart, pick up some generic brand chips, adjust my 19" boat boat anchor TV and make sure there is enough Cheeze Whiz to go around at my upcoming unpopular Superbowl party.  Maybe by the end of the party I'll have enough Bud light bottles scattered around the house to convince myself I'm at a Bud Light Mansion.  Then again, my ugly buddies are hardly gonna pass for Playboy models.