The Detroit Lions often have problems winning a game, but thanks to kicker Matt Prater we did win some free beer!

Before the 2020 season started, Matt Prater and Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus agreed to a season-long competition. With help from Bud Light, the two agreed that whoever kicked the longest made field goal during the 2020 season would win their home team’s city free beer. Prater's winning kick was a 59-yarder that put Detroit up 30-27 over Washington in the Week 10 game. McManus had one final chance to win it for Denver residents in the final game of the regular season. His field-goal attempt was a 70-yarder, but the Raiders blocked the attempt.

Now it's time to collect our winnings! Fortunately Bud Light has decided to extend the offer to not only the residents of Detroit, but to everyone who lives in the state of Michigan!

Here is how we can collect our winnings...

First, between now and January 31st, head to the store and purchase a six pack of Bud Light (up to $6.99). Save the receipt and the UPC bar code on the packaging.

Then jump online and head to the website Bud Light has set up to collect your winnings. You can access that website here. Fill out the details and send pictures of the receipt and the UPC. The deadline to submit your information is Sunday, February 14th, 2021.

Bud Light will then reimburse you up to $6.99 with a prepaid Bud Light gift card.

In reality its more of a “buy one six-pack, get another one free” deal, but we will still take it!

Some of the other small print includes:

You have to be 21 or older.
You have to be a Michigan resident.
Only one submission allowed per address
Employees of Anheuser-Busch or any affiliated companies/retailers are not eligible

Thank  you Matt Prater! I'll think of you with every sip I take of my six pack of Bud Light!

And remember to please drink responsibly.


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