Well...that was awkward.  And somewhere, Steve Harvey is pumping his fist, yelling "See!  It CAN happen!"  If you missed the end of the Oscars last night, you missed quite a bit in a short period of time.  Here's what happened.

For the final award of the evening, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway took the stage to announce the winner for Best Picture.  When he opened the envelope, Beatty appeared a bit confused, looking at the envelope a few times before showing it to Dunaway.  Dunaway then announced that the winner for Best Picture was "La La Land."  Everyone that had a part in the movie then came up on stage and started giving their acceptance speeches.  But then, a very surreal, Steve Harvey-esque moment occurred.

About two minutes into the acceptance speeches, a look of confusion and disbelief started to spread among the people on stage.  People with headsets that you don't normally see during these shows were out on stage, taking awards back from the "La La Land" cast and crew.  One of the directors, who had just given his speech, then said that Moonlight had actually won!  What the hell?

It turns out that before coming out on stage, Beatty had been handed an envelope for the previous award, Best Actress.



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