The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has released a map which highlights the best places to hunt for morels in Michigan in 2016.

The map shows where Michigan’s 2015 wildfires and prescribed burns were located in order to help mushroom hunters in their quest for morels. All of the burns on the map were more than 10 acres in size.

“Morel mushrooms are often found in locations where large fires occurred the previous year,” said Jim Fisher, resource protection manager for the DNR Forest Resources Division.

The map provides forest cover type information, location and state-managed land boundary information.

Morel mushrooms commonly sprout in locations burned by wildfires or prescribed burns with a tree canopy; grass or sunlit open areas are less likely to produce the tasty fungi.

“Just because a spot is marked on the map, it doesn’t mean morels will be growing at the area identified. We’re providing a resource, but it’s up to the hunters to head out to the forest and see what’s available,” Fisher said.

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