After the IRS released their data from Michigan's Federal Tax Returns, MLive created a cool interactive map with tons of information about 2014 tax returns from every county in Michigan.

The map included information on the average income per return, the total number of returns, the total number of returns with tax liability, and the average tax liability per return.

After close study of the map, we determined the 10 richest counties in Michigan according to the average income per tax return:

  1. Oakland County - $85,991.58
  2. Washtenaw County - $77,427.37
  3. Livingston County - $72,662.03
  4. Midland County - $72,080.62
  5. Leelanau County - $71,382.85
  6. Ottawa County - $65,285.98
  7. Clinton County - $63,390.84
  8. Kent County - $62,527.94
  9. Kalamazoo County - $61,679.95
  10. Grand Traverse County - $59,152.18

Most of the counties on the list are close to one of Michigan's major cities, which isn't shocking.  The poorest county according to the 2014 tax returns was Lake County, reporting $36,314.71 as the average income per tax return.

If you want to learn more about Michigan's 2014 tax returns be sure to head over to MLive's blog about the returns.

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