The following 10 girls are the 10 hottest cosplay girls in North America. And I mean hottest in every sense of the word! They consistently have the hottest costumes, they are all absolutely gorgeous girls, and they all have big followings.

I am relatively new to the cosplay scene, I only just recently got into it through playing League of Legends. All the amazing costumes lead me to start searching around for professional cosplayers. I found these 10 girls through Facebook, Twitter, deviantART, YouTube, and Tumblr. They all have large followings and extremely amazing costumes. If you know of anyone else who should be featured on this list, send me and email and I will be more than happy to add them.

All of the images displayed are from the social networks I mentioned earlier. They should all be valid to share, but if I screwed up and posted something that not is copywritten, please let me know and I will be happy to take it down.

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    Candy Keane

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    Adella is a 27 year old fashion student living in Huntington Beach, California. She got into cosplay at age 17 after playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time. She is now an avid cosplayer and costume designer.

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    Cosplay Kitten

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    Cosplay Kitten is a self descirbed "uber nerd" who enjoys D&D, cosplay, costume design, and a whole lot more. She is an avid convention goer and would be happy to say hello.

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    Pixie Kitty

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    Pixie Kitty is an avid gamer and cosplayer who loves to design costumes and dress up for conventions. She is also a self proclaimed nerd and is proud of it!

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    Ichigo Kitty Cosplay

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    Ichigo Kitty is a huge Japanese Anime fan and has been an avid cosplayer for over a decade. She has been playing video games since she was 8 and now owns Wii, Dreamcast, Atari, DS, PSII, and PS3. Gamer girl ftw!



    JiaJem says "that cosplay and conventions are my opportunities to escape reality, but now it IS my reality." She has traveled all across the world cosplaying for tons of conventions. She now works for

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    Miracole Burns

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    Miracole Burns is a professional comic, print, and promo model, with 5+ years of experience. She is listed on and is constantly on the cosplay circuit. Her last appearance was at Dragon*Con 2012.

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    Riddle1 is a bit of a mystery to me. I found her on DeviantART and was instantly amazed by her costumes. My favorite was her Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex where she is portraying Major Motoko Kusanagi. Be sure to check out her Tumblr and DeviantART pages, they are amazing!

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    Heather HezaChan

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    HezaChan is a 27-year-old cosplayer that lives in Massachusetts. In addition to her being stunningly beautiful, her cosplay ability is nearly unparalleled. She is constantly at conventions and has been a cosplayer since 2001.

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    Jessica Nigri

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    All hail the Queen of Cosplay! Jessica Nigri was born in New Zealand, but now lives in the States. She is pretty new to cosplay, starting out in 2009 at the San Diego Comic Con. Despite being new to the scene, she quickly became a huge internet hit and now has over 100,000 fans on Facebook. She is constantly at conventions and sometimes even gets invited on interview panels. Jessica is only 21, so we probably have many more years to enjoy her amazing cosplay.