The most highly anticipated film of this year has to be the new Star Wars movie! Sure Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, Vacation, and whatever else are going to be good.

Something about Star Wars though hits me on a whole different level.

I was pretty excited when the Star Wars prequels came out back in the late '90's. When I was a kid, I loved the original Star Wars movies a lot! So when I heard that there was a new Star Wars coming to theaters, I was pretty excited.

Over the years, the prequels aren't that great as I grew older, but as a kid? I loved them, and I will admit there is still a special place in my heart for them, cause it's freakin' Star Wars one way or the other.

This new trailer though? Hits me every time!

The moment the familiar music hits when 'This Christmas' comes up, goose bumps run up and down my arms.

Star Wars has always been one of those movies that I remember from my childhood. So seeing the familiar Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca, etc. It just hits me right in the feels!

One of the big selling points for me and Jurassic World was the throwback to the original movie. When the kids are walking through the old Visitor Center? It was just so mind blowing, I loved it.

Now that they are doing this for one of the greatest movie saga's of all time? You can't deny how awesome it might just be.

However, I will play devils advocate and hope that the trailer may be mis-leading...hopefully it's good.