Kyle Gass, the guitar virtuoso side of the hilarious comedy duo Tenacious D, is going to be coming to Grand Rapids! The Kyle Gass Must Save the World Tour is coming to the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids on Thursday, October 7th. Kyle Gass and his Band of Bros will be joined by special guest Chris Fairbanks. Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 day of the show. While it's an all ages show, just know some of his music is hilariously NSFW.

If you're curious about the Kyle Gass Must Save the World Tour, then here's a little about it from concert presenter Audiotree: "Kyle Gass of Tenacious D is finally back on tour in October! After a one-year "vacci-cation" on his Californian farm, posting tons of fun videos on his social channels while waiting for his shot, Kyle did what he does best: Killing time by writing great songs. When he finally got the call, Kyle got really, really nervous which resulted in the new single release of "Vaccinated" - a parody of the Ramones classic "I Wanna Be Sedated" along with a video featuring longtime friends like Jack Black, Amy Lee, John C Reilly, Steve Lukather, and many others.

Due to the incredibly great response to the "Vaccinated" release, and because he was tired of drinking home-squeezed orange juice all day, Kyle went for it again. He knew the time was as ripe as the fruits on his citrus trees for the world to be saved with his super rock powers. So, he rounded up the most virtuosic musicians in California to put on a rock show the world has never seen. Kyle and his band of bros will blow the thick layers of dust off your ears like a rock ‘n’ roll hurricane you have never experienced before."

You can find tickets here!

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