Police are investigating what they call a "suspicious situation" involving a man approaching a teen in Zeeland, M-Live reports.

The 15-year Zeeland girl was out jogging on Tuesday afternoon when the incident occurred around 2:30p.m.The teen was near 104th Avenue and Riley Street when she saw a man in a gray sedan smiling and laughing at her. He appeared to be tracking her movements and pulled into a driveway near the intersection and motioned to the girl. The teen told police she felt as if he wanted her to get in the vehicle.

She ran the other direction, but was followed by the vehicle. The teen turned around again and was able to get to the Intersection of Felch and 104th Avenue, from there she called her parents to pick her up.

The vehicle was last seen headed east on Riley.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 616-738-4054.