The Motor City Madman isn't too happy about the results of Michigan's midterm elections.

Ted Nugent took to Facebook on Wednesday to voice his displeasure with the way Michiganders voted. He began by saying,

Real God country family Michiganiacs are heartbroke that more of us want the once great state of Michigan to turn into a California shithole. Downright insane cultural suicide.

He then addressed the voters of Michigan directly, "Thanks for nothing a**holes." That seems harsh.

Nugent, who is very vocal about his Republican views, was likely referring to the fact that Democrat Gretchen Whitmer beat out current Attorney General, Republican Bill Schuette in Michigan's gubernatorial race. He also isn't a big fan of legal weed, it seems, and has railed against Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow.

It's important to note that Nugent no longer resides in Michigan. He moved to Texas in 2004.

Nugent's fans were quick to agree with him in the comments of his post. In fact, many of them encouraged him to run for office himself.

Check out Nugent's whole post below.

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