The Nuge is not happy with Ann Arbor Michigan's deer management plan and has been highly vocal about it.

According to MLive, Ted Nugent is criticizing the city of Ann Arbor for their deer cull and sterilization program to manage the deer population.

Nugent took to social media about how the city is spending nearly $200k on deer management when the city has already spent over a half a million dollars on the project over the past couple years.

The Nuge wrote on Facebook, "What idiot could possibly need more proof that Michigan has lost its soul!".

Nugent's post has already been shared over 14,000 times and people have been vocal in the comment section with over 5,000 people checking in.

Ann Arbor Mayor, Christopher Taylor, is against the sterilization of deer by the majority of City Council members disagree and feel its necessary to control the cities urban population. Several Ann Arborites have complained about the deer eating up their private landscaping.

Ann Arbor has already sterilized 72 deer and plan to do more. Sharpshooters have already killed 274 deer and will return to kill 150 more.

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