It was snack time for a preschooler in Lawton, Michigan, when a teacher noticed a bag of meth in a 4-year-old child's backpack and now the child's parents are in custody.

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Kids Don't Get To Choose Their Environment

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Kids don't have a say in where they wind up when born. It's a parent's duty to raise their children to the best of their ability in a safe environment and this has nothing to do with how much or little money a person has.

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Unfortunately, some children are born into an environment that is not good for children. It's not mentally healthy for little kids to grow up in a household where the parents fight or are abusive to one another, abusive toward the children, or even worse.

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When children are really small, their innocence is such that sometimes they are unaware of how bad their surroundings are because that is all they know and they just want to have fun.

Teacher Discovers Meth in a Preschoolers Backpack


It is not clear how the methamphetamines wound up in the 4-year-old child's backpack but when you learn about the environment the child was living in, it's not a stretch to understand how it was possible.

Drug bag
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The child was reaching for a snack during snack time and pulled the meth out of the backpack and sat it down while in search of the snack. The teacher noticed the baggie, confiscated it, and contacted the authorities.

Parents of the Child With Meth In Backpack Have Been Arrested

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According to FOX 17, police then searched the parents' and grandparents' homes and discovered large quantities of cocaine and a digital scale in the parents' house. The parents have since been arrested on a slew of drug charges and are currently residing in the Van Buren County Jail. The child is currently in the care of other family members.

Parents Should Familiarize Themselves with These Illegal Drugs

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to recognizing and understanding when your child becomes involved with illegal drugs.

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