Jim Carrey Gets Real Weird On GMA
Jim Carrey has always been an odd duck, but it seems the last few years he has somehow gotten even more strange. Good thing Michael Strahan has a cool sense of humor because Jim got a little up close and personal during a recent interview.
Source: ENews
What Happened to the Crazy Characters in Video Games?
Remember Earthworm Jim? Aero the Acrobat? Bubsy the Bobcat? Rocket Knight? What ever happened to this strange creativity? These games were a blast! Well, maybe not all of them, but the definitely left a mark on video game history don't you think?
Games To Try Before You Die: Sonic Generations (PS3, XB360) [Video]
Sonic the Hedgehog sure has had some missteps in his most recent games.
There have been a few good ones, but I think that the majority were just bad.
Mario jumped into the third dimension very well, Sonic kind of stumbled a bit. Games like Sonic R, Sonic '06, and my personal hated, Sonic and the Sec…
Happy Birthday Sonic The Hedgehog!
If you want to feel old, here is how I can make you feel old. On June 23rd of this year, the classic Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog turned 20 years old.
Firstly, it is amazing that Sonic has continued all of these years. Why? Because of all the crap that he can put on his resume'...
Sonic the Hedgehog: 20th Anniversary game Announced
The original "Blue Dude with 'tude" is on his way back to gaming consoles once again, hopefully in a good game this time.
Although Sonic the Hedgehog 4 failed miserably (I thought it was awesome), SEGA seems to never want to say goodbye to their proud mascot...