Hardcore .... it's not just for Denny's anymore! Now a different restaurant chain is getting in on the action - Sonic. Watch how hard these hardcore bands rage at a Sonic drive-thru in New Jersey.

Just a couple of days ago on Sept. 10 hardcore bands Gel, Scowl, Exhibition, Chemical Fix and Phantom performed at a place known for its burgers, tots and slushees. The bands set up in between two Sonic menu boards and footage from the night looks wild. In a video from the show at a Sonic in South Jersey, there's a guy spitting in the singer of Phantom's face, someone crowd surfing, fire breathing, a guy eating a corn dog and even some fireworks.

People were standing on top of a bus to watch the show as fireworks, which Metal Injection reports were homemade, were blasting off in the middle of the mosh pit. One of the fireworks landed in the lead singer of Scowl's hair, almost lighting it on fire, but she quickly flipped the spark away with some help from a fellow bandmate.

Now it's not "what the fuck is up Denny's?" it's "what the fuck is up Sonic?", which is exactly the caption the show organizers 4333collective used on their Instagram post about the show.

4333collective also asked where they should book a show next in the same post, some suggestions are Taco Bell, Boston Market or doing all shows exclusively at Sonic drive-thrus from now on.

Our favorite comments on the YouTube video below of the hardcore show at Sonic are this is the "biggest thing since the Denny's Grandslam. The Sonic Grandslam" and "imagine how hard a nice ice cold Ocean Water would hit after a hardcore show lmao."

Hardcore Show Goes Down at a Sonic Drive-Thru

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