Abandoned Child Prank [Video]
Videos of people being scared are always pretty funny. This one is no exception. They dressed up this young girl like a scary looking zombie and made her sit on a bench. When people would check on this kid she would scare the crap out of them! Check it out here!
Aquinas College Cell Call Prank
This is awesome.
One of my theatre pals, Taylor Nefcy of Aquinas College, pulled the ultimate April Fool's Day prank on her professor!
Check out this video and you'll understand.
Taco Flinging
We have a new guy here at the office. You may have heard him a few times in the afternoon, John Walker.
I was eating some Taco Bell for lunch (delicious), when I got the idea, how funny would it be to throw a taco in his face. I started laughing uncontrollably at the idea alone.
So, then I decided …
Guy Pulls Epic Scare/Prank On Girlfriend
I hate being scared! I absolutely hate it. That said check out this video of some guy scaring the crap out of his girlfriend! Remember the movie "The Ring." This guy sets up a mannequin girl coming out of the TV much like the movie, The Ring...
NYC Subway Commuters Subjected to Hilarious Panhandler Prank
Generally speaking, we would say please PLEASE leave commuters alone. They're already suffering the indignity of being elbowed by teenagers in the throes of sweaty, bubblegum and Axe-scented passion. After a day of soul-crushing work most people just want to be left alone. But this prank on the…

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