Since last summer's documentary film "Blackfish," there has been a lot of backing on the notion that what goes on at Sea World is just wrong.

Now, no matter what side you fall on, you've got to give some credit where credit is due.

Recently, Steve-O, from the hit TV and film series "Jackass," decided to help spread the word about how bad Sea World is.

His video chronicles two days of him trying to climb up on to a sign on the expressway showing how close you are to the exit for Sea World in San Diego.  After many failed attempts on both days one and two, he finally got up there to achieve his goal.

He plastered a sign he made onto the street sign, changing it from Sea World Drive to the simple, yet to the point Sea World Sucks.

If you feel the way he does, feel free to share the video with the hashtag #SeaWorldSucks.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings