There aren't many things that the Jackass guys won't do, but they definitely do draw the line at times, even Steve-O. During an interview with Yahoo, the he revealed the stunt that he absolutely refused to do for the very first Jackass film, which came out in 2002.

It was called "Toy Car Up the Butt."

Of course, that sounds pretty self-explanatory, but why wouldn't we go into further detail about what the stunt entailed? The late Ryan Dunn did it, after all — a toy car wrapped in a condom was quite literally shoved up his butt, and he had to pay a visit to a doctor to have X-rays taken of the object lodged inside of him.

"Up until the point when I declined to put the toy car up my butt, I had never backed out of a stunt," Steve-O affirmed. "So that was sort of epic in its own way. The way it played out for Ryan was just... I mean, everything about that, nothing could be changed about how that played out to make it any better."

In a clip of the doctor observing the X-ray, he concluded, "That's not part of you. That's something extra."

Thanks, doc.

"That was the most iconic, most incredible thing we ever filmed," Steve-O recalled.

He explained that when the crew were filming the fourth Jackass film, which came out in February of this year, he wanted to put something up his butt in honor of Dunn, who died in an accident in 2011. But, his wish was denied by the director, so he was able to get out of it without even trying to.

Check out the clip below.

Steve-O Reveals the Jackass Stunt He Refused to Do

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