'Jackass' Gets a Spinoff With 'Bad Grandpa' Comedy
Do you enjoy watching old people hurt and/or embarrass themselves in public? First of all, shame on you. Second of all: good news! There's a new 'Jackass' movie coming to theaters this fall, and this one focuses solely on Johnny Knoxville's elderly character, Irving Zisman. Are y…
Dumb Jackass Shoots Wart off Finger W/Shotgun! Bar Stool:
I was thinking about calling this guy our douche bag of the day, or douche bag of the week, but I think I'm just going to call him a jack ass instead. Heard about this guy the other night and just had to share the story with you. A 38 year old Sean Murphy from England had a big fat juicy wart on …
Jackass Steve O Arrested!
"Jackass" star Steve-O was arrested in Canada yesterday for assault with a weapon -- but the alleged incident that led to the arrest happened 8 YEARS AGO!  TMZ has the Story.