Ferris State University

Jackie's Flashback Friday
I have a flashback Friday picture today. I stumbled across this old photo and I started laughing and couldn't stop.
I was at an indoor track meet in 2008 or 2009 and was sitting in my usual, awkward, awful for your legs, weird position.
I was listening to my iPod, probably Breaking Benjamin or Thre…
Jackie Green — The College Years
I will forever be a bulldog!  I graduated college from Ferris State University, and when I was looking through the schools youtube page, I found this gem... oh yes, a young, blonde Jackie Green ;)
GRD Roadies End 2012 Tailgate Tour at Ferris State University
97.9 GRD has been hitting up all the big football games in West Michigan during the 2012 Tailgate Tour. The GRD Roadies invaded the campus of Ferris State University last Saturday (October 20) to cap off a great Tailgate Tour season. Check out our photo gallery from the game.