Rescuers Free Bald Eagle Stuck in Ice on Lake Michigan [VIDEO]
The weather has been rough on humans and animals alike in Michigan the past few weeks.
During the intense cold caused by the Polar Vortex, a bald eagle got in trouble while looking for food on Lake Michigan in Leelanau County.
The Detroit New reports that passerby noticed the bird struggling and conta…
An Eagle Wearing GoPro Flies Over a Soccer Match
People are always coming up with new things to do with a GoPro...I wouldn't be surprised if there's GoPro fetish porn out there!  If there is, I don't want to know, really.
One smart person attached a GoPro to an eagle and had it fly over a soccer match, and you get an amazing sho…
Eagle Drops Dead Deer On Powerline? (VIDEO)
Looks like a Bald Eagle on the way back to it's nest apparently didn't have it's talons gripped tight enough on dinner as you'll note dead deer hanging from power line. Power Company is claiming it caused a power outage but who knows and quite frankly who cares, cause a dead dee…