New Whiskey Bar in Grand Rapids is Now Open!
There's now another place in Grand Rapids for you to enjoy a cocktail.
As of 3 p.m. on March 23rd, One Bourbon, opened their doors to customers. Being "Beer City USA" means we have plenty of breweries to choose from but according to the restaurants website:
Beer c…
Grand Rapids Bar Makes 'Best Hidden Hotel Bars' List
There are tons of great bars, pubs, and breweries in Grand Rapids! It's awesome when one of our excellent establishments gets national recognition.
Grand Rapids' Lumber Baron Bar inside the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel made Chilled Magazine's list of "4 Hotel Bars You Need to Drink…
Jackie Enters Karaoke Contest
Every Thursday I visit some friends of mine in Howard City and we go sing karaoke at a little bar near them. Last week they were hosting a karaoke contest and I figured why not enter. The twist to the contest was that you had to draw out of a hat the genre you were going to sing.
5 Easy Steps to Nail The Chick You Want to Nail! Bar Stool:
Guys if you want get in good with the chick you want to pork, get in good with her friends! I was drinking with a couple of dudes last week and they told me about some article they recently read about how to make it easier to pick up and nail the chick you want to pick up and nail! To the best of…
Some Girls Like Guys With Big Penis Jeans! Bar Stool:
Ok guys, if you got a small pecker, this is something you might want to think about. I was talking to these chicks a couple nights ago at this bar I like to hang out at. And somehow the topic of penis size came up. I told the girls mine is super small so if we end up sleeping together later t…

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