How Much Time do you Waste Checking Your Phone
Before the world of smart phones hit shelves, the only way you could check the internet was by physically sitting on your laptop or desktop. Meaning you had to take time out of your day and sit in front of a screen.
Now, the screen and internet follows you everywhere on your smart phone.
The big quest…
JT’s Top 5 Apps For Dudes
I hadn't spent a lot of time in the app store lately and had forgotten how useful and (more importantly) how unuseful some apps can be.  Here's just a few of my favorites I came across recently, feel free to add your fav's or enlighten me on a few I may have missed...
Food For Thought [Video]
2010 was the year mobile connected the world. With stunning statistics, facts, and visual cues, this video takes a tour of key consumer and technology mobile trends across an eventful year.