Before the world of smart phones hit shelves, the only way you could check the internet was by physically sitting on your laptop or desktop. Meaning you had to take time out of your day and sit in front of a screen.

Now, the screen and internet follows you everywhere on your smart phone.

The big question is, how much time do you spend tapping away on your phone?

I will admit, I play around with my phone more times out of the day. It's my go-to for everything social.

Texting, Calling, Facebook, Clash of Clans, GPS, Twitter, Internet,, etc. My face seems to be stuck in my phone the majority of the day.

Whenever I need to know something, I break out the phone and start tapping away on my phone. Movie times? No problem, it's on my phone. Remember when movie times for local theaters were in this thing called the newspaper? Those were the days!

Lately though, I have really started to notice how much time I spend on my phone. It's pretty sickening once I think about it. The moment I wake up in the morning, my wife and I eat a bowl of cereal, then right to the phones we go! It's become part of our morning routine.

Also, what's so great about looking up about what everyone else is doing? All I see on Facebook is the same thing! Baby pictures, someone complaining about something, baby pictures, memes, baby pictures, and more complaining.

I don't really know how much I use my phone per day, but guess what? There's and App for that! I downloaded the Quality Time app. This app tracks all the time that you use apps and the times that you check your phone. If you are a frequent user of your phone, I suggest downloading it, check back in a week and see how much time you use your phone!

One week from today, let's see how much time I spend on this thing.

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