With the coronavirus pandemic affecting nearly every facet of your day-to-day life as well as changing how virtually everything is done, the world no longer feels "normal."  And to make matters worse, with the election looming on the horizon, it feels like the entire country is split in two. But, there is one thing that all Americans can agree on this year, and it's that we want the world to feel "normal" again.

Well, we got a little bit of normal back this last weekend with the beginning of the NFL season. Sure, there were no fans in the seats and a lot of the support staff were wearing masks on the sidelines, but they were playing football and that felt normal.

And then it happened... The moment when I felt like everything in the world is going to get back normal again. The moment when it felt like any other Sunday during football season during any other year. The moment when the Lions lost their lead in the 4th quarter with only a few minutes left.

Nothing in Michigan is more traditional than the Detroit Lions blowing a lead and losing a game in the 4th quarter when it appeared to be seemingly impossible. The Lions are consistently blowing leads and that makes it one of the most normal things in sports these days.

And the Lions lose so spectacularly, that they hold records for blowing leads. Sunday's game was only the fourth time in last 14 seasons that a team blew a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter.

And if you think that is quite the feat, then how about this record from last season...

Wow! The Lions sure do suck. But hey, they suck exactly how they've sucked for my entire life and that actually feels normal. So, thank you. Thank you to the Detroit Lions for making my Sunday football watching experience seem like any other year. I didn't think about the election, COVID, or any other horrible thing that's happened in 2020 because I was too busy laughing my ass off at the Lions blowing their lead like they always do.

You can check out the players response to the loss during the presser below.

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