The Summer Craft Beer Festival is coming up next weekend, on July 19th at John Ball Park.  There will be something like 120 different craft brews you can sample, great food, live music...and ciders!

I will admit to being more of a cider guy than a beer guy, so I was really excited to get invited out to Sietsema Ciders this morning, to sample the ciders they will be bringing to the Summer Craft Beer Fest on the 19th!  I jumped in the car with the lovely Lauren from our sister station WFGR and headed out to Ada.

Andy, who's 4th generation apple farmer and hard cider maker, was our guide through their different ciders.

They make several different flavors, and we got to sample them all, from their foundation cider (very tart and dry, not very sweet), to the bourbon-cask aged cider (a mild bourbon flavor that doesn't take over the cider), their Red Label (a more sweet cider, but not super-sweet), even their hopped cider (with 4 different hops aged in), and their lemongrass.  Yes, it really tasted like lemongrass cider.

For something different from all the beers at the Summer Craft Beer Fest, check out these fantastic ciders, you won't be disappointed!

BTW - You get to look at Lauren drinking the ciders, not're welcome.


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