I got really bored yesterday and was really starting to feel nostalgic while drinking a can of Surge (as usual).

So I decided it would be a good idea to maybe surf through the land of YouTube and find some crazy awesome '90's commercials.

When I wasn't playing around outside with the neighborhood kids, I was playing some old school Nintendo or watching cartoons on TV, but what do you usually remember during the cartoons though, the commercials.

Here are some that I can't get out of my head.

Dr. Mario's Witch Doctor commercial was something that I just randomly remember. I'm not really sure why I do, but I just remember sitting in my house as a kid watching this crazy commercial...and then he shrunk my head.

How do you not get nostalgic when you watch this commercial? Even though I don't have cable these days, I feel like they still show this around the holidays.

Lik-A-Color Popsicle's! Nothing really special, just some kid licking a popsicle and everything changes color! However, the selling point is that funny dog...I'm color blind kid. What a wacky commercial! Like...whoa.

Crossfire....enough said.

Dr. Dreadful Food Lab....eeewww MONSTER BRAINS! Girls were making delicious cakes from the Easy Bake Oven while boys were eating bugs, monster skin, and brains...no wonder why girls think boys are gross.

If you want a good review of old commercials, you can easily waste 2 hours with the Nostalgia Critic.

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